Explore the cultural wonders of this architectural masterpiece dating back to the late 12th century when the ancient Khmer flourished the richest empire through South of Asia.

1-3 Persons $229 USD
4-10 Persons $245 USD
Sunrise 4.45 am early start $15

Temple entry ticket prices

1 day - $37 USD This ticket is valid only on the day of purchase.
3 days - $62 USD This ticket is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. You can choose which three days you wish to visit the Angkor temples on.
7 Days - $72 USD This ticket is valid for one calendar month from the date of purchase. You have a whole month in which to visit the Angkor temples on the seven days of your choice.

Itinerary details

Pickup time and location:

Your fluent english speaking guide and driver will meet you at your hotel at 7.30 am or at a time of your choosing.


Ancient city of Angkor Thom

A wonderful day at the magnificent capital city of Angkor Thom. The south gate topped giant faces, the front causeway is adorned by demons.

Bayon temple “The temple of the smiling stones”

Witness the secrets of smiling faces a top the 54 towers.

  • Baphuon with huge reclining Buddha built in 16th century
  • The Wall of Royal Palace where the kings and his family lived.
  • Phimeanakas
  • Elephant and Leper King Terraces
  • Ta Nei. Located off the road, a short walk into the jungle. This temple is quiet and peaceful.
  • Tomb raider tree temple Taprom. Journey to explore the temple known as Taprom. The filming location of the 2001 “Tomb Raider” movie starring Angelina Jolie. See the amazing massive tree roots that have taken hundreds of years to wrap themselves around the hand-carved temple stones.

The wonderful Angkor Wat

“Capital Temple” is the largest religious monument in the world, on a site measuring 162.6 hectares. It was originally constructed as a Hindu temple of god Vishnu for the Khmer Empire, gradually transforming into a Buddhist temple towards the end of the 12th century. It was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II. In the early 12th century in Yaśodharapura (present-day Angkor), the capital of the Khmer Empire, as his state temple and eventual mausoleum.


Preah Khan temple, the Buddhist King’s Father temple, restored by WMF project.

Neak Poan temple, located inside artificial lake Jayatataka.

Ta som temple

East Mebon, located in the middle of man-made lake called “East Baray” 7km x 1.8km

Banteay Srei “The Lady Temple”

Witness the unique pink sandstone and the most beautifully detailed motives of Khmer Art. This temple is the first French-restored temple using the method of Anastylosis. The frenchman Henry Marshal studied this technique from the Dutch who reconstructed Borobudor in Java (37 km from Siem reap)

Lunch break

Banteay Samre ( the complete temple was restored by French, Angkor Wat Style)

Pre Rup (crematorium) and end of day tour by taking you back hotel


Kampong pluk is located about 22km out of town. The mangroves are home to hundreds of species of freshwater fish and birds. The area is dotted with traditional stilt houses. Your guide will take you in a sheltered wooden boat to explore the amazing houses on the 10 meter stilts. Then row in a canoe through the beautiful mangroves while your guide explains the Khmer history and culture to you. Learn about traditional Khmer fishing techniques used in this the largest wetland in Asia. From there continue on to visit the local school and active monastery.

The Roluos group, located 13 km from Siem Reap. The Roluos group served as Indravarman 1st Capital. Hariharalaya, are among the earliest permanent temples built by the Khmer and mark the dawn of the Khmer classical art period. Before the construction of Roluos groups only smaller and less durable construction materials such as brick were employed. There are 3 temples to explore  Lolei, Preah Ko and Bakong temple.


  • Please dress properly when visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T shirts, make sure they are long enough to cover the knees and shoulders. No scarf or shawl worn over a tank top are allowed.
  • Please take an extra camera battery or charger with you, when we have lunch you can recharge your camera there.
  • In Cambodia you do not need local Khmer currency. US Dollar is accepted everywhere. Also if you withdraw money from ATM it is in USD. Only small change is given in Riel “Reel”
  • For the tour fee you may pay when the tour starts or finishes, Your choice.


  • Air conditioned vehicle and all fuel
  • Parking fee/road tolls
  • Your tour guide
  • Cold water/cold towel


  • The cost of the temple entry ticket.
  • Accommodation/food/soft & hard drinks.
  • Others not mentioned in the inclusion.